Oceans Where Feet May Fail

Peacenik? Not me! Then why do my “O” songs include Neil Young’s Ohio and Matisyahu’s One Day?

OMaybe because for me earthly wars give glimpse into the battle in the heavenlies with those not flesh and blood. According to the Bible, we are equipped for living on the edge of a conflict stirred into tumultuous swirls. Me? I’m not fond of conflict except as a “call.”

Does heightened conflict signal God’s call to step out of the boat as pictured in Hillsong’s Oceans Where Feet May Fail? I left solid ground to step out into the deep waters with StoryDame. The water seems deep in places. There are large waves. But my trust is borderless. I rest in the One who is mine.

Are you in or out of the boat?

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