Last Comic Standing is a lot like Chicago’s architectural cruise. You see work by some of the very top in their field and the styles are all very different.

Congrats, Rod Man, summer 2014 winner!

You gotta be funny when you look like this…

Mom being in the hospital for minor surgery didn’t stop family holiday tradition. No. Daddy rose to the occasion. Daddy who was always dressed as immaculately as a POTUS dressed me (stars and plaid???), curled my hair (whose hat is that???), and delivered me to a Santa that looks as happy I do.

That photo records me as miserable and unmatched as Ruth Buzzi’s dowdy old woman! Maybe Daddy, who was always encouraging me to laugh as a child, was suggesting future characters for me???

Food with friends

A sorority sister with whom I have been trading birthday dinners for years (it’s a reciprocity thing) had a birthday in July. I treated her to Salut Bistro at Prospect Place, Little Rock. I wanted to try something different. I opted for the chicken cannelloni topped with fried spinach. Delicious, but who would have thought…

From Petit Jean, 2014

Torrential rains that made traveling to my third cousin’s wedding reception in June 2014 slower than usual, caused normally uncomfortable June temperatures to drop making the outdoor view from Petit Jean Mountain the ideal place to chat with family. Since my cousin married a Frenchman, I couldn’t help but recall the love Legend of Petit Jean.