Ree Drummond, a real pioneer

I am inspired by Ree Drummond.

It's Saturday! What could be more tasty and easier to make than Ree's egg-in-the-hole recipe???

One of my favorites is Ree’s egg-in-the-hole recipe???

While location is key in real estate, Ree Drummond refused to let location influence choices of her heart. How Bartlesville, Oklahoma, native and former Los Angeles resident embraced “Marlboro man” and his ranch lifestyle in The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – A Love Story is a sweet read. While I’m not normally drawn to romance as a genre except when it’s combined with something else like comedy or history, Ree stands out in my mind because of her ability to bloom where she’s planted. Stuck in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Oklahoma, with the closest town having less than 4,000 residents, with little more than a camera, computer connectivity, and a whopping portion of creativity, Ree began to blog in 2006. As The Pioneer Woman, Ree wrote about her romance, her marriage, and the children that followed. She wrote about cooking, her home, gardening, and home schooling. She even managed to blog, and interestingly I should add, about cows and manure. And people were drawn to The Pioneer Woman, so drawn that a woman with hardly a close neighbor created her own virtual community in the millions. In an article in the New Yorker in May 2011, Drummond said the blog brings in about 1 million a year. This doesn’t include earnings from her best selling cookbook, love story, or children’s book inspired by their dog Charlie.

Ree, you sure know how to spin life into gold!

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