MLK day

This day celebrates the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., pastor, activist, and African-American Civil Rights leader. What from King’s life could serve as a story prompt for you?


Wonder what will be written about you when you die? Ponder who might be at your funeral?

We write our obituary through daily life choices. As for who is at our funeral, it doesn’t matter because we won’t be there! Choose to spend time with your family and friends while you’re alive!

2015 resolutions

In 2015 I am saying goodbye to things that seem unnecessarily violent. Yes, I will still see action movies, but I will skip any recipe instruction that says to put chicken breasts between two sheets of plastic wrap and pound, pound, pound until thin!

Old rivals

Watched my alma mater, the Arkansas Razorbacks, play the major opponent from my college days last night in the Texas Bowl. A week of longhorn focus always preceded the game in the early 70s – pep rallies, bon fires, rampant cheering throughout campus. Despite our rabid team spirit, we were always taught to be good sports.

Being a good sport, win or lose, is a good thing. After last night’s win of 31 to 7 some forty years later, I’d have say winning feels better, Woo pig sooie! Go hogs!