Wonderful Tonight

Less shocks me at 62 than at 52, 42, 32, 22, or 12. A picture shows sheer amazement on my face the Christmas I was nearly 2.

WBy now I have experienced the full spectrum from violent rudeness meant to wound to kind empathy that heals like a soothing salve. On Science Friday, April 4, 2014, Steven Pinker, Richard Wrangham and Harold Schechter examined violence today and in light of gender. This was insightful as I had been stung with words by both sexes with a 24-hour period.

Okay, I admit it was informative to find my skill of dodging poop bombs falling from something flying overhead, though rusty, is still intact. Still, I prefer to spend my time with folks who think I am, in the words of Eric Clapton, Wonderful Tonight.

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