Tooth x-rays

You know you’re getting older when you look at x-rays of your teeth with your dentist and what’s running through your mind is teeth bone density. Mental note: consume plenty of calcium!

Persistence – keeping on in spite of whatever

If anything, I am persistent and have been since birth, according to my mother.

As she tells it, I was a two days from being one (1) and still nearly bald when “Santa” brought me a roll toy. It had a long handle with an oblong, rolling enclosure at the bottom filled with colorful balls and the like. It was meant to be rolled around the room.

Did that seem fun to me? No. What fascinated me was the colorful balls it contained. Despite mom showing me over and again how to roll the toy, I spent hours trying to pry the balls out of their enclosure. When I didn’t success, I would pick it up, throw it across the room, then crawl to it and try again.

Finally, my mother saw I wasn’t going to give up on my quest any time soon. Fearful I might damage something like the new television daddy had written from Korea instructing her to purchase, she hid the toy in the closet.

I’m still persistent today. Is that a good thing? Maybe. I’m closer to playing the guitar than I ever imagined even though I just started learning last year. On the other hand, I’ve endured problem people much, much longer than I should have for my own health.

What’s your story about persistence?

What epitomizes the riches floating in the waters of the film industry better than the boats docked outside the Ritz Carlton where Digital Hollywood was held in Marina del Rey, California?

It’s so rich it moved me to rhyme (maybe also because Kill Your Darlings, the movie about Allen Ginsberg starring Daniel Radcliff was playing at the ArcLight on W. Sunset Blvd…):

Woo hoo, Malibu. Sandy beaches, I’ll miss you. Luv.

So good, Hollywood. I’d stay longer if I could. Luv.

Hey, hey, M. del Rey. Hop a boat and sail away. Luv.

Luv, luv, luv, luv, luv, LA!

Missed social opportunity

By the time I saw the online invite my carriage had turned into a pumpkin, my evening dress was cinder rags and I was missing a shoe.

Perfect pumpkin isolated. ©

Perfect pumpkin isolated. ©