The power of apathy

Watching that brave squirrel protecting his dead friend against crows larger and more numerous made me wish I had been there with my shovel to give the deceased a decent burial. Would I have felt different if he had simply watched from a distance? This article suggests “yes.”

This has implications for the true tale storyteller as it suggests the way we portray our experience might cause different audience reactions.

One inspiring squirrel

This brave squirrel protects his dead friend from crows who have come to pick his bones dry. How was this level of friendship forged? Did it spring from sharing food, playing amongst the trees, curled together for warmth on cold winter nights? At any rate, it serves as a solid example of friendship. If that squirrel is in heaven when I get there I want to talk to it.


By this morning the vote on Scotland’s independence should be known. Voter turnout was expected to be huge. Leaning to “no” as I turned in.

What does the future hold for Scots? What stories will be told in association? First vote of youths 16-17? Tales behind personal decisions? Tales associated with the vote results?