Hunting season approaches!

Check your calendars, friends. The season is almost upon us when we shimmy into our finest camouflage and trek into the wilds of Wal-Mart to hunt for the ever evasive oatmeal. Best part? No license, deer stand, or waders needed. But have that trigger finger ready to pull out that credit card because there are NO LIMITS!

Campfire breakfast. ©iStockphoto/AbbieImages

Campfire breakfast. ©iStockphoto/AbbieImages

Encouragement vs useful advice

Note to self : Encouragement is great. But when you’re trying to empty a full tub with a teaspoon, wouldn’t it be more helpful to get the news that you can simply pull the plug?

Remember, Lynn, wisdom comes unexpected and unsolicited. Remain an open, lifetime learner!