Becoming an Apple devotee

Apple. ©iStockphoto/kingvald

Apple. ©iStockphoto/kingvald

After years of listening to creative friends drone on and on about the virtues of Apple, I purchased an iMac in mid-2007. Soon I, too, was in love. Busy with life, I put off keeping current with updates. I wasn’t upset in 2014 that WordPress kept pointing out that my version of Safari was old until WordPress dug its feet into the ground and refused to do some things I requested. Is it time for new equipment? Off to the Apple store I go.

I am considering my options (i.e., drooling over the new iPad mini with retina display) when an employee magically appears to assist me. Magic? It must be because this guy solves my problem instantly with a question, “Have you considered upgrading your software?”

Is that even a possibility? At my Genius Bar appointment, a resident genius informs me that it is indeed a possibility! About a week later – after I order and upgrade my RAM from 1 to 4 GB – my software is taken from 10.4.11 to 10.9.3, the most recent version! In three hours my machine is better than new. Since the software upgrade is FREE (can you believe that?!), my only cost is time and $60 for RAM!

Having had to replace PC laptops about every three years, I am stunned that my 7-year-old iMac is still fully functional. Apple may appear to cost a little more, but it is well worth the cost due to its longevity. Apple, you and me forever!

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