Time lapse tale

Recently, I bantered with a friend. “I always knew you were smart,” I said.

“I always knew you were insightful,” she answered.

Who among us would not like to be insightful, intuitive, able to understand the true nature of things? I would. But often, while I may recognize something seems “off,” trust in others I think I know clouds my perception of the severity of what is actually happening behind the scenes. What can I do to better grasp the length, width, height, and depth of what is actually occurring?

The answer for me came through watching the NASA five year time lapse video of the sun. I realized time lapse is an awesome tool true life storytellers can use. Recently, a new experience surfaced a series of events that occurred over a period of time earlier in my life. As I pieced these events together I had a mental motion picture of an experience that I had totally missed when it occurred.

Try it yourself! I bet you, too, will say, “Wow!”

Solid sermon

Last week I was tempted away from my online church by a new one springing up locally. Essentially it is leaders from my former church starting a new venture not far from the old one. I was led away from the large mega church I had attended for many years when I found myself sitting alone watching a sermon on a large screen. Many of my friends had left and those who remained were no where to be seen. I figured if I was watching sermons on TV, I could do that at home. It was perfect timing as I discovered a Saddleback Church series that seemed written just for me!

Sunday I streamed the Saddleback online sermon. Words from guest speaker Jason Frenn were mana from heaven. He spoke from Mark 8 where Jesus told the man he had healed not to go back. I’m not going back to the places or people God has led me away from.

“Make it a year of miracles,” he suggested. And that’s what I am going to do!

Blue light special

Last night when I saw blue lights in my rear view mirror, I pulled my car into the first side street I saw. The young officer simply informed me, after checking my license and insurance, that one of my headlights was out. What a surprising help!

2015 resolutions

In 2015 I am saying goodbye to things that seem unnecessarily violent. Yes, I will still see action movies, but I will skip any recipe instruction that says to put chicken breasts between two sheets of plastic wrap and pound, pound, pound until thin!