Story of a recovering true believer

I never expect to see a story like this. I know they exist. I don’t anticipate them being laid out there, warts and all, for the whole world to see because Christians just don’t do that very often. I would’t have seen this one but for a pastor friend who shared the link on Facebook.

When Mike Anderson starts his story with a bug zapper example and says, “This is my own story of getting transfixed by a pretty light and getting fried in the end,” I know this isn’t going to be a glowing report. Yes, Christians have told stories that aren’t pretty. Corrie ten Boom told of being incarcerated by the Nazis for hiding Jews in The Hiding Place. Gracia Burnham tells of being kidnapped along with her husband as missionaries in the Phillipines in In the Presence of My Enemies. Donald Miller writes of his soul search in Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious thoughts on Christian spiritualityBut few (if any) have written from the heights of the trenches of the mega-church experience like Anderson.

My pastor friend and Mike Anderson stand heads above the herd. Anderson has the courage to bare all in the telling of his mega-church experience. My friend has the boldness to admit this type of thing happened even though it isn’t pretty. What do I think? I think refusal to bury the bad under the good makes these two men more like Jesus.

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