Perched bald eagle. ©

Does your family have a person that is the cohesive element of your family? For my mother’s side of the family that person was Mom’s sister, Irene. Irene was the one who introduced me to Durkee Famous Sauce, trusted me to babysit their two beloved dogs including picky eater Bubbles and invited us for Thanksgiving lunch.

The Thanksgiving after Irene died in the 1990s, the family let the lodge at DeGray State Park cook for us. After lunch as we parted to go our separate ways, Mom suggested we stay for the Eagle Tour. After paying a small fee, we boarded a party barge that took us out on Lake DeGray. The weather was perfect with brilliant blue skies. Though it was crispy cool, I was warm in my favorite outfit: a black velvet and spandex dress with a blue denim jacket. As we traveled around the lake, the interpreter pointed out ducks, osprey, and even a heron. Binoculars were supplied so we could better see bald eagles high in the trees looking down on us.

With my aunt no longer with us physically, I realize I can experience her and other family members who have passed into Jesus presence with the binoculars of memory. It’s not as clear a view as it would be if an eagle had perched on a side rail of the boat, but it is still sweet.

Do you have a Thanksgiving that is particularly special?

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2 thoughts on “Perched bald eagle. ©

  1. Thanks for bringing back memories of the glue that our family misses — my Mamaw, my mother and my Aunt Edythe. I’m sure they are trying to give us hints for preparing all the holiday meals.