The Moth Rocks!

Want to see what kind of response your story would get before a live audience? Throw your name in the hat at The Moth, with venues in large cities across the country, and you might get to tell a 5-minute story before a live audience. Subscribe to The Moth and you’ll receive regular notices of story topics – thrifty the night I told – with descriptions. Their website has information on how to tell a story. You can also listen to stories on their site or read them in the newly released book, The Moth edited by Catherine Burns.

If you’re one of the fortunate ten whose name is drawn to tell on a certain night, you’ll have the opportunity to share your story with total strangers. You might even actually get laughs!

Three sets of judges score your story. Even if you don’t win (and the competition is stiff!!!), the scores and audience feedback are overwhelmingly encouraging!

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