Water + time = the Grand Canyon

There’s been big bang for the buck the past two days at IndieReCon, an “online writer’s conference for the independently minded,” which is, of course, free. My mind has been boggled by presenters like Bob Mayer, author of 60 books! Just when I’m feeling I might never reach numbers like that, I remind myself the Grand Canyon wasn’t built in a day.

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2 thoughts on “Water + time = the Grand Canyon

  1. Thank you. I sometimes fall in that trap of wanting the Grand Canyon to be built in a day. Your posts always get to the point quickly, so I set my mind on absorb when I visit your blog. Hope the rest of the conference is good.

    • We all do, Tonia! It’s like an unexpected gift to help me reach my goal. Grateful to those who share freely from their experience.