Don’t look a free horse…

I need to rid certain areas of my landscape of weeds and things I didn’t plant there. Clover, while attractive, doesn’t belong everywhere. I search for weed cures on the Internet. I decide to try vinegar because it’s cheap and green. I don’t want to be out there for hours dispersing the liquid through a small hand-pumped spray bottle. So I search online and find just the sprayer I want.

Fern and sprayer. ©D.L. Ewbank

Fern and sprayer. ©D.L. Ewbank

This morning I head to a local place that sells this stuff where I ask a man at check out. Guess I’m not doing too good a job explaining my needs so a woman who is a vendor offers to assist. Moments later she helps me find the exact item I spotted online. As if this help isn’t enough, this woman pulls from me my vinegar intentions, warns my yard might “smell like a douche” to which I answer “I don’t care,” then shares a special vinegar related recipe.

As I’m leaving, she asks if I’d be interested in a fern. I say I’d probably kill it. Then she mentions that, because it didn’t fair well in transit, it is “Free!”

So, I’ve had a pleasant shopping experience and come home with a new recipe and this new, slightly damaged yet beautiful fern. No vinegar coming close to this!

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