Ice and aging

Years ago my Mom was without power following a bad ice storm. A good portion of the state was down, so repair was slow. Outages continued for days.

Ice storm, road closed ©

Ice storm, road closed. ©

Even though Mom was comfortable, a neighbor wasn’t. The neighbor went down to the local utility and said, “You’ve got to get our power restored! A little old lady lives next door to me. She could die!” The power was back on that day.

There are perks associated with aging.

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4 thoughts on “Ice and aging

  1. When my mom was terminal and in a nursing home, Phil just didn’t pay the phone bill. (I usually pay the bills but during that time I turned it over to him… with mixed results, obviously…) Mom taught a Sunday School class with about 35 elderly ladies (older than mom and she was 71 at the time). And these ladies loved her so much that they called… and called… and called to check on her. Phil’s not a phone person so he just didn’t pay the phone bill two months in a row. I came home from teh nursing home one evening and asked how things were. Phil said, “Quiet. Nobody has called oddly enough. It’s been really nice.” Then he added, “I might not have paid the phone bill. I figure I didn’t because I think it would have been ringing off the wall otherwise…” So I contacted the phone company the next day and they told me it would be a while before I could be reconnected and they weren’t very nice. So I told them my mom was terminally ill and we got reconnected that same day. From then on, I turned the ringer off when I was at the nursing home with mom (which was most of the time) and I also asked him to keep paying the bills except the phone bill – which I paid myself.. 🙂 Since I wasn’t home much, I had no idea the phone was driving him crazy or how many calls we were getting from mom’s friends. He knew we’d have to pay a penalty to be reconnected but he felt it was worth it to be without a phone for a week or so… Ha!

  2. Wow! What a great neighbor! Think I’ll move next door too! I love the perks associated with aging…most of them anyway. I want my movie ticket discounts and my IHOP breakfast discounts and every other discount I’ve lived long enough to accrue. Just wish whoever keeps moving the discount age back would leave it alone. Some discounts keep moving up five years in age whenever I reach the previously stated discount age. No fair!

    • It’s like how we had to wear dresses in high school, then they allowed pants after we graduated 🙂 and she was a GREAT neighbor!