Solid sermon

Last week I was tempted away from my online church by a new one springing up locally. Essentially it is leaders from my former church starting a new venture not far from the old one. I was led away from the large mega church I had attended for many years when I found myself sitting alone watching a sermon on a large screen. Many of my friends had left and those who remained were no where to be seen. I figured if I was watching sermons on TV, I could do that at home. It was perfect timing as I discovered a Saddleback Church series that seemed written just for me!

Sunday I streamed the Saddleback online sermon. Words from guest speaker Jason Frenn were mana from heaven. He spoke from Mark 8 where Jesus told the man he had healed not to go back. I’m not going back to the places or people God has led me away from.

“Make it a year of miracles,” he suggested. And that’s what I am going to do!

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