The creation vs. the creator

The Fault in Our Stars depicts a young girl battling cancer. (Yes, I have written about this work before, but with a different focus.) In her struggle, she makes a friend in a cancer youth group and passes on to him her love for a certain novel. He sprouts the idea of a visit to the author in Amsterdam where the author is less than receptive to them. Actually, the author is abominably rude. It is a horrible experience, not to mention a total waste of mega-monies, for the suffering youths.

I wonder how many people have encountered a writer or other creative whose work they respect only to be drastically disappointed when they meet the individual in some kind of personal encounter? Or on a flip side, maybe they liked a celebrity only to be put off by something they later wrote.

Both scenarios have been mine. What I learned is that liking someone’s work/public celebrity persona doesn’t necessarily translate to a connection with who they actually are. In a way, it is freeing to know I can appreciate gifting without feeling any kind of need or commitment to like the source on a one on one basis.

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