The fifth Storydame Methuselism Award

While the tulips blooming (1/3 were up!) at Garvan Woodland Gardens yesterday were gorgeous, the real flower of the day was the 89-year-0ld driver of our golf cart!

Tulips, Garvan Woodland Gardens. ©D.L. Ewbank

Tulips, Garvan Woodland Gardens. ©D.L. Ewbank

She is, in her words, a bit “naughty, but not mean.” I found her wit freshly entertaining. Plus as our tulip tour ended she insisted on driving us as close to the Anthony Chapel as possible early enough for us to get prime seats for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra’s The Four Seasons, Vivaldi & Piazzolla.

The fifth Storydame Methuselism Award goes to the Gardens for the wise choice of using fabulously witty 50+++ folks as tour guides!

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2 thoughts on “The fifth Storydame Methuselism Award

  1. Lynn, I’ve always loved older people and the fact that among them you’ll find these gems who are truly comfortable in their own skin. I always try to catch you blog for its well written and pithy wisdom. Thanks again.

    • Tonia, I think this woman and others like her aging superbly like a fine wine are living a pattern to be followed by others. Her life speaks!