What conference is the best creative opportunity for a writer?

As a writer there are so many great “creativity” opportunities coming across my path via email and social media. Upcoming events include the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, the National Storytelling Conference, the Round Robin Week at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival,  and the Blogher Conference, not to mention comedy offerings galore in LA. It reminds me of that rickety, old candy store across from Oaklawn Elementary School run by two elegantly aging sisters. I would go in with my nickels and debate over the many colorful choices before leaving with Pixie Stix, bubble gum, or occasionally, a Sifers Valomilk.

Yes, email and social media make me feel like a kid again. The creative ops all look as fine to me as those choices in that candy store. Each appeals in different ways: education, networking, a sampling of different locals. Each tugs at my heart, some – like those in LA, the big town I’ve come to love – stronger than others.

But I’m not a kid. No, I am a mature adult. After tons of classes, a masters program in media psychology, and more books than you can imagine, I think that at this point staying home with my laptop might be more beneficial and, dare I admit it, more fun than anything. This year I think I’ll save my nickels and stay home with Jeff VanderMeer’s Wonderbook.

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