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Keys to meetings. ©iStockphoto/vaeenma

Keys to meetings. ©iStockphoto/vaeenma

There may be times when you want or need to have a conversation with someone. Maybe that someone is a key element in your story. Maybe the individual has first hand knowledge of the event as an outsider. Possibly it is someone with whom you want to exchange creative thought. Face-to-face meets are always the best. When that isn’t possible because of location, there is another option.

Late 2013, a gifted creative friend suggested we meet to exchange thoughts on our individual projects. I thought it was a great idea. So, early 2014 we met on Skype for a couple of hours. He gave feedback on Then I gave feedback on his fictional web series. All is all it was a pleasant, helpful experience.

Want to have a meeting on Skype? Here are some suggestions:

1. Set a date, time, the parameters of the meeting, and what you hope to accomplish.

2. Prepare. In this case, I made sure I had watched the entire season of his web series.

3. List highlights of comments you hope to make in one or two words to jog your memory to give top quality feedback.

4. Follow up with an email outlining helps to you and any changes implemented due to the call.

Virtual connections can be a great asset. Remember video is involved and try to look presentable (i.e., dressed for the occasion).

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