Phone, you’ve come a long way!

My earliest phone experience was the square, black, rotary dial phone. Then the Princess phone was invented.  It was sleek, pink and, by 1963, had touchtone capability. I don’t know if the Princess phone was every teen’s dream, but it was mine and I pleaded for it daily before Christmas.

Christmas came. I opened a small package to discover a key chain with a little pink plastic Princess phone charm. I was about to burst into tears when my folks said, “The phone’s hidden under your bed in your room!” Pink elation!

Christmas 2008, I was gifted my first iPhone. The iPhone might be the most useful tool I’ve ever owned, so I purchase updated versions regularly. Right out of the box the iPhone 5 has key story-life tools like the ability to access email accounts, keep a Calendar, check the Weather, take Notes, search the internet via Safari, find my location and directions in Maps, or snap a photo. And Siri is always “here to help!!!”

I love apps that increase my iPhone’s function for experiencing, recording and sharing my story life. I can record my story in Voice Memos, Notes or Dragon Dictation. When searching for just the right word, I can use dictionaries like Merriam-Webster,, RhymeZone, Urban Dictionary and South Slang. No matter where I am, I can connect socially through Facebook and Twitter or update my blog with WordPress. Down time? I can enhance my storytelling skills by listening to podcasts and stories accessed on iTunes and any of This American Life’s shows since 1995! Best of all, I can record the costs of my story experiences in iXpenseIt.

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