Old rivals

Watched my alma mater, the Arkansas Razorbacks, play the major opponent from my college days last night in the Texas Bowl. A week of longhorn focus always preceded the game in the early 70s – pep rallies, bon fires, rampant cheering throughout campus. Despite our rabid team spirit, we were always taught to be good sports.

Being a good sport, win or lose, is a good thing. After last night’s win of 31 to 7 some forty years later, I’d have say winning feels better, Woo pig sooie! Go hogs!

Friends are key ingredient

Friends are like the one ingredient without which a recipe would be barely edible. My birthday drew back the curtain to show my life is rich in laughs, memories, and the best friends a woman could have! Thanks, friends (120+ of you who sent birthday wishes, love, encouragements), for helping make my day stellar!

I had a stellar Christmas

This may go down as a “stellar” Christmas for me. Story guru John Truby points out in his examination of The Interview Game that memoir/true story has been a hot genre in recent years. In the two days of Christmas 2014, I had the extreme good fortune to see three stellar films: Interstellar and two great memoir/true story films.

Christmas Eve I saw Wild based on Cheryl Strayed’s bestselling memoir. Christmas afternoon I saw The Imitation Game. While Alan Turing solves the puzzle of Enigma during World War II, Cheryl walks through her puzzling recent past experience on the Pacific Coast Trail.

Is your life puzzling? Try walking it out on paper. Maybe YOU, too, are a stellar bestseller!