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I am Lynn Ewbank, a single, Southern, “sexy”-generian. I love story, especially true stories from life! And I love new media technologies. These two loves collide at

Fairy tales, Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey and even the Bible viewed through John Eldredge’s Epic: The Story God is Telling hint that life is story. Long before I could string words together into sentences, my mother was already narrating my life. A favorite early story was how my first words were “daddy” and “bottle” and how she finally got me to say “mommy.” A close second was how her warning about cussing around me fell on deaf ears until the afternoon Daddy returned from work and I greeted him in front of neighbors screaming, “Hi, you little bastard!”

My life, and your life too, reads like a genre list – comedy, drama, thrills, horror, action/adventure, romance, science fiction, music, myth and even hints of fantasy. Learning how to tell our true stories in today’s environment with existing media technologies and new ones that will emerge is a wild ride. Join me on my quest as I

  • tell my own true stories,
  • share the genius telling life story by others and
  • identify technology that can be applied to life narrative

and you just might discover your own hero’s journey!


Highlights from my vast story and tech experience and education include:

  • multi-awards for writing and over 50 articles published in Writer’s Digest, Family Tree Magazine, ScreenTalk-the International Voice of Screenwriting, and MovieScope.
  • an MA in Media Psychology and Social Change, Fielding Graduate University, 2009.
  • a history of technology beginning with a class in the computer language Basic…
  • countless writing, media and film courses through UCLA Extension.
  • improv and storytelling classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade LA and Second City Hollywood.
  • media and film conferences including the 1999 Sundance Producers Conference, IFP NY 2010, The American Film Market 2010 and Digital Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, fall 2013.

For an expanded resume, contact me with an exceptional reason (like the promise of a cash bearing contract) at


This is my stuff and all rights are reserved. Story Dame doesn’t warm to folks that use her stuff without asking permission. If you want to use something, ask me first:-)

What folks have said about me

“Lynn is simply a delight, and her recent journey from Arkansas to the Upright Citizens Brigade is a great story.”

Eric Martin, producer and host of This American Wife, Facebook, July 31, 2011

“Lynn is a lively creative and intellectual force. She produces compelling work, on the frontier of imagination. A social activist from head to toe, her work is emotionally engaging and motivating. Not only is she a writer with analytical power, she is a captivating storyteller.”

Janet de Merode, former Director of the World Bank Population, Health and Nutrition research department; Adjunct Faculty Fielding Graduate University

“I had the pleasure of working with Lynn Ewbank in my course, Digital Storytelling and Emerging Media. Lynn demonstrated a solid understanding of narrative theory and thought, from Todorov’s definition of fantasy and Bruner’s social construction of reality to the archetypes of human experience of Campbell and Jung. More importantly, Lynn is able to extend theory to practice in multiple applications, from traditional linear media to the non-linear, created fantasy worlds we see in computer gaming.

Lynn’s work integrated cognitive mapping and psychology of place in story worlds. Her applied project, which incorporated text, images, and music set to movement, illustrated her ability to identify the critical moments of narrative that both engage an audience and effectively deliver a message. The topic of her project, her resilience in her recovery from a serious auto injury, was informed by positive psychology. The project was both moving and metaphoric of her development as a skilled storyteller.

Daniel Pink argues that right-brain skills are the key to success in the 21st century. Central among these skills is the ability to tell and build a story; this skill is the ultimate synthesis of information, experience and meaning. If he is right, and I believe he is, Lynn is well-prepared and I have no doubt she will be a major contributor!”

Pamela B. Rutledge, PhD, MBA; Adjunct faculty, Fielding Graduate University; Director, Media Psychology Research Center

“Donna Lynn Ewbank was a student in my masters-level online research course, “Foundations of Research,” during the spring of 2009. Donna was an outstanding student, receiving the highest possible grade, A+… In short, she was the kind of student that makes teaching such a joy. Based upon her performance in my course, it would be my pleasure to recommend her to any individual or organization.”

Blaine D. Pope, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, Fielding Graduate University

“…You did excellent work in the Media Ethics course… Your writing reflected both critical and creative thinking… You write well. Your interpersonal skills are good… You earned an A.”

Bernard Luskin, Ph.D., CEO/Senior Provost Touro University Worldwide; former executive vice president/director of media studies, Fielding Graduate University; founding CEO of Philips Interactive Media and president of Jones Education Networks.

Got something nice to say about me? Just let me know:-)


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  1. What a brilliant communicator you are, Lynn! I so enjoy reading your stories, and I learn so much from you through your writing. But mostly I learn and hear your heart. So very thrilled that you have this special place to share your rare talent. Looking forward to enjoying every bit of entertaining wisdom!