If the door to your mom’s 🏠 (where you are expected) opens revealing a very large, growling 🐩 (not hers), is that some kind of subtle hint? 💔

Try writing your own emoji story

Here’s one I predict for a summer vacay!


Are there chickens in heaven?

By the time I was born the chickens my Grandmother once kept were long gone. I didn’t know why until a couple of years ago. My cousin (who was 14 years older than I am) confessed that as a small child he used to torment her rooster. Finally, one day, the rooster fought back by attacking my cousin. Mamaw cooked that rooster for dinner that very day! (Is that why my cousin became an avid duck hunter???)

I’m going to my cousin’s funeral today. There will be, because we are Christians, talk of heaven. It occurs to me (maybe because I had chicken fried chicken for dinner last night) that while lots of folks have mentioned hope of their dogs who have “gone ahead” being in heaven, and sometimes even with scripture they think backs up that hope, I’ve never even once heard anyone talk about the eternal destination of chickens. (That is more odd due to the fact that one of my cousin’s other cousins raises chickens in bulk!)

Today, I picture my cousin reunited with Mamaw, Papaw, my aunts and uncles, his brother, his daughter, my Daddy, and Jesus. It’s a big reunion much like a wedding in a beautiful, grassy, flower filled area with lots of fabulous food (and wine because Jesus first miracle was creating wine at a wedding in Cana). It’s a wonderful celebration until that rooster pops up squawking and feathers flying.