The Second StoryDame Methusalism Award

The second StoryDame Methuselism Award for good news for women over 50 goes to iStock.

Screenshot of iStockphoto. ©

Screenshot of iStockphoto. ©

iStockphoto provides high quality images at a reasonable cost. My first iStock experience was in 2009 as I searched online for images to illustrate my applied project for a graduate class in Digital Storytelling and Emerging Technologies. The cost was reasonable (I purchased 50 credits @ $70 minus a 20% discount or $56.00) and more than covered the images I needed for my work. So when I launched in 2013, who was I going to use to enhance my own visuals? You guessed it, my old friend iStock!

Am I surprised when I get an email from iStock around the first of the year about trends for 2014? If anyone knows what’s trending, it is probably the Getty folks!

In Trends for 2014, iStock calls creatives to know trending visual themes and put their own spin on them as a way of keeping fresh. What is listed first among 13 trends for 2014 identified by iStock? Diverse women, “real women of all shapes, races and ages that don’t fit a cookie-cutter mold!

Good news for us “sexy”-generians.

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