Viva La Vida

VColdplay’s Viva La Vida speak of positional changes. “I used to… Now…”

Twice I have been so deeply entrenched in positions I feared they defined me. When God called me out of Bible Study Fellowship after 17 years, did I grieve the loss of the time demanding spiritual position? I never missed it even once.

When I knew beyond doubt it was time to say good-bye to my career in 2010 after 34+ years, did I fear grief? No. Though my service was twice as long, I had no qualms about making a clean break as I had successfully “let go” before.

Position doesn’t define us. Friends, can you embrace my new adventures with me?

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2 thoughts on “Viva La Vida

  1. It takes courage to make significant changes in your life…it’s not easy, but usually it is rewarding! Well done with the A-Z Challenge…we’re almost there!